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Get your PC or Network fixed, NOW, today! The call is free, what are you waiting for? Small Business and private owners are my specialty.

Paul Baio, Electronic Technician
Paul Baio, Over 20 years Trained & Experienced Electronic and PC Technician

"Personal IT Professional for Individuals"

Big companies have an IT department. They are the professionals that are hired to setup new equipment and networks, administer the network, and keep things running smooth. The also install and setup new equipment, and also teach the users how to use the new equipment. These men and women are experienced, trained, professionals that work full time and make a handsome salary. But we, as regular people are now relying more and more on computers, scanning, faxing, and completing our bill payments, applications, and anything else, online, with no one to call for help. We somehow are "just supposed to know this stuff". What does "An average Joe like you and me" do when we suddenly cannot get our benefits unless we apply online, submit clear, good quality scans of documents, and interact with a website? You do like any other time you need something you do not need all the time, but when you need it, you need it now, you need it fast, and it has to be good. You rent what you need for the time you need it and you get good results. Now you too can have a trained, professional, experienced computer technician at your disposal to come, help you with your needs, andgive you the education you need to complete the tasks that must be done. I am your man if you live in the Broward County area. The phone call is free, what do you have to lose?

Call Me: 954-892-0507

Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets, and all things electronic are fantastic, we now cannot live without them. But, to just pick one up and try to use it can be a daunting experience. Within the first year after purchase, almost a all computer users ruin their PCs and devices. This is not your fault, and manufacturers have gone through great lengths to make it possible for you to restore your computer to the day you got it, with no help at all. But, then you will lose anything you have saved on your computer for all that time.

If you decide to use the Restore option that comes with your computer, what things will you lose?

What you will lose by performing a factory restore...
  • Photos
  • Music Collection
  • Videos
  • Movies
  • Work Documents
  • Personal, Real Estate, and Financial Records.
  • Programs, Software, and any customizations you have setup.

Dont waste time and money trying to do it yourself. What is your time worth? $10/Hr? $30/Hr or more? Just call, get it done, and do what it is that you do best. Quickly and efficiently. Why wait? Call today for a *quote!.

* Most jobs are done at a flat rate and this covers labor and software that I have.

Is that PC getting sluggish? Virus running rampant? Won't boot or crashing constantly? Won't connect to the Internet or other PCs in the home? Pop up Ads driving you nuts? Want wireless service in home or business for laptops or computers anywhere in the home? Just don't have time to sit on the phone for hours, praying for help to get your PC running right again? Welcome, you've come to the right place! I do everything for you, teach you the basics, and you are done.

Call a neighborhood pro to help. Reasonable rates, home service within the Pompano Beach/Lighthouse Point vicinity. Most computers repaired within a day or two. I am your neighbor, call me to come and help you. Most customers become friends and I always give free advice, unfortunately, work is not something I can give for free.

Questions and advice are free. Use our submit question page now to get the advice or answer that you are looking for, click anywhere right here.

Service calls and Computer Repair are limited to the local Pompano Beach and Broward County area unless you plan on shipping your computer, I cannot come to Little Rock or Binghamton to fix your computer. I actually get calls and form requests to fix computers that are thousands of miles away! Sorry folks, I am a local computer repairman only. I am a HDTV repair technician by day.
City of Pompano Beach, Florida
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